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Our Process

We've already ironed out all the creases for you

toronto website strategy

1. Strategy

We'll start off by taking a look at your existing website, marketing efforts and any other methods you're using to generate leads and get new business. We'll then ask you lots of questions to help us get a good understanding of your goals and the purpose of your website.

Once we understand what you want to achieve, we'll help you identify your target audience and create your ideal client profile so we can build your website to attract and convert your perfect customers.

toronto website planning

2. Planning

Once we've got all the information we need, we'll move onto the planning phase of your website project. We start off by creating a visual sitemap so we can get the website structure set up (here is an example of a sitemap we did earlier).

The planning phase is also when we'll discuss the technologies we'll be using to build your website and the lead generation tools we include for you to collect visitor information.

web designer toronto

3. Design

With the planning phase completed, we will start working on some design layouts and page concepts. After getting your input, we'll create a visual mockup so you can see the style and shape of your website.

We'll also make sure the user interface is friendly and easy to use. Once you've approved the design we'll move onto the content and development phases where we start actually coding everything.

toronto content for websites

4. Content

During the content phase, we'll collect and organize all the content and images that will be part of your website. We can use some stock images, but your site will be much more unique if the images and text come from you.

We prefer to use professional copywriters who know how to write content that's optimized for search engines, however, if you're a competent writer or a good photographer we can use your copy and photos instead.

website coding toronto

5. Development

With the planning phase completed and the content phase underway, we will start working on the code that holds everything together. We'll set up the database and build any special modules or plugins that are needed.

The development phase is also when we develop and code the mobile-responsive layouts needed to display your content based on the device your visitors are using to assess your website. 

website testing toronto

6. Testing

When we reach the testing phase, we'll be very close to launching your website, but before we launch, we'll carry out some compatibility testing to ensure that everything works properly in different web browsers.

We'll also check that your website displays and behaves properly on all types of mobile devices and that it actually delivers on the purpose that we established back in the strategy stage.

launch your website in toronto

7. Launch & Deployment

The final phase is launch and deployment. This is when we transfer your new website to your web host and launch it into the big wide world. It's an exciting day for everyone and we might even have a little tipple to celebrate.

Although your website is off the ground, there is still work to do. Like a car, your website needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. We'll discuss your options for updating plugins, applying security patches and scheduling backups.

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